U.S. aid is “far from thought” by India: Global Times takes the stage

Neither India nor China apparently are in the mood to go late, there is no sign of slowing down the tense border push on the high rocks of Galwan.

Some, however, did not miss the opportunity to earn brownie points, even if a war seemed like it was just a mistake. As the report published today in the Global Times, supported by the Chinese state, seeks to remind India of the apparent futility of betting on the United States as an ally.

The article sought to make it clear that the trust of an ally like the United States was useless for India. It is “a voluntary thought” by India to imagine that the United States would have its help if there was a war, he said, stressing that the only motive of the United States was to use India as a pawn in the its geopolitical game.

“While senior Indian military leaders expect a prolonged impasse in the China-India border region, with the United States clearly expressing support for India, the Chinese military has shown great military readiness on all fronts, while military exercises intensive and simultaneous operations in southern China The sea, near the island of Taiwan and near the Sino-Indian border shows that India’s thinking is profitable US support is just an illusion, “the analyst said Chinese quoted by the Global Times.

The Global Times article coincides with media reports on the course that allies have moved back to India to help counter the latest Chinese threat. In a significant development, former allies like Israel and Russia have advanced their arms dispatch commitments to ensure that India will not be shut down if China starts a war.

France has also promised to bring an additional Rafale aircraft next month. An active Israeli air defense system is expected soon. The United States sends precision artillery cartridges to India, and Russia has to accelerate spending on ammunition and weapons worth billions of dollars.

Most of the Indian media have reported that the Indian army is looking long term. In a briefing with Modi and Rajnath Singh after his return from Ground Zero inspection last Friday, Army chief Naravane told the two leaders that the army hoped this border episode with China would be extended. , probably spanning months.

“The PLA is very prepared for war on all fronts,” he told the Global Times, citing a military expert from Beijing. He added that despite all these tensions, “the risk of a large-scale military conflict remains very low thanks to the strength and strategic deterrence of the PLA.”

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) can maintain a ready combat readiness and conduct simultaneous and intensive military operations in different regions, he added. The demand from military observers the question, according to Global Times, is – Even the United States is aware of Chinese capabilities and does not have a hot war with China in the Asia-Pacific region, then, what India thinks ?

The article accused India of initiating a frenzy by implementing the Akash air defense system in Ladakh. The move was fought by China with Su-30 aircraft and H-6 bombers near the border, he added.

The fulmination of Global Time came days after U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said U.S. troops would be reduced to Europe and sent “to deal with the Chinese threat in India and beyond.” and Southeast Asian nations.

“The United States has hoped to play India as a charter in its strategy to contain China, and is now using Indian nationalists and national extremists in Sino-Indian border tensions,” analysts said. Chinese.

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